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Project assumptions

For whom?

The programme is intended for students and graduates (up to 12 months after graduation) in Łódź Universities and employers from Lodz and its surroundings.

Project goals

Enabling students and graduates to gain professional experience facilitating their entry into attractive jobs Employers promote summer internships as an excellent way to recruit employees.


Participating employers report at least 1 summer internship lasting a minimum of 1 month from June until the end of September 2024.


All internships under the 'Practice in Łódź - holiday internships' project are paid. The employer is obliged to sign a civil law contract with the student and pay him/her a salary of minimum PLN 28.10 gross for 1 hour or minimum PLN 4300 gross for each full month of full-time employment.

For employers

Employers enroll to the programme by submitting their declarations of participation in the project by March 4th, 2024 and then by March 20th, 2024, they post their offers on the site following the instructions they receive after they've joined the project. All offers will be published on the website ( The organizer will conduct a promotional and information campaign concerning the project and the internship funders.

The organizer will conduct the recruitment and, in accordance with the company's guidelines, will make available to employers all of the candidates' applications along with their assessment, conducted by means of pre-selection on the basis of the requirements contained the internship offer or will make available to employers all applications of candidates sent to the offer without evaluation Organizer. The final selection of the internship winners will be decided by the employers.


Recruitment of candidates for internships will run from March 25th to April 26th, 2024.

Candidates will select offers of interest and send up to 10 applications in accordance with the requirements of the holiday internship offers.

The employer may set an earlier closing date for recruitment in order to select internship participants earlier.

Candidate Selection

2 paths to choose from:

1. Conducting an initial selection by the Organizer, then at the first stage the candidates' applications are verified and evaluated by the employees of the City of Łódź Office for compliance with the employers' requirements included in the internship offer. In this case, the employer receives access to all evaluated applications, and in the next stage of the selection procedure, employers offering internships make further selections, may invite selected candidates for interviews, and then select interns.

2. The employer is given access to all applications that have been received for the internship offer and they review, evaluate and select the interns themselves.


The internship program awardees will be announced no later than June 7th, 2024.

Important dates in 2024.

by March 4th - sending the Declaration of Participation and a valid company logo - please send a signed scan to:

by March 20th - adding holiday internship offers by Employers after logging on to

March 25th - April 26th - recruitment of candidates / promotional campaign of the project

April 27th - June 5th - interviews in companies and selection of interns

June 7th - announcement of the list of project winners on and

Any questions?

We encourage you to contact us: tel. (042) 638 59 42, +48 785 107 051

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Programme enrollment


Employers add their offers on the site

Promotion campaign

25.03 - 26.04


Recruitment commences



Recruitment finishes


Applicants' selection starts


internship at companies

01.06 - 30.09


Applicants' selection ends


The list of winners is announced


Evaluation of the project in companies and among trainees

Promotion campaign

25.03 - 26.04

internship at companies

01.06 - 30.09

Declaration of partners

Employers enroll to the programme by sending a signed declaration of participation by March 4th, 2024. Then, by March 20th, 2024, they post their offers on the website after logging in to their company's profile at

All offers will be published on the website between March 25th and April 26th, 2024.

The City of Lodz Office will conduct a promotional and information campaign regarding the project and the Internship Funders.

Declaration For Employers - 2024 Edition

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